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Resources for Film Teaching in the Advanced Foreign Language Classes: a Didactic Survey

At present this survey consists of the following files:

1. Films for entertainment
2. Films critical of society
3. Films about school life, initation and identity formation
4. Films for intercultural learning (part I)
5. Films for intercultural learning (part II)
6. Examples of outstanding films
7. Miscellaneous

The remarks in the above mentioned files refer to the practical use of films in the advanced language classrooms. At present, there is a steadily growing list of full-length feature films suggested for Foreign Language Teaching (FLT). However, if compared to a sum total of about 170 novels suggested for instructional purposes, the canon of film titles is comparatively small: it contains about 25 in number. Among them there are still some literary adaptations, yet one has to realize that there are more feature films based on a script than on a literary text. During the last few years, feature films have become teaching subjects in their own right so that now sometimes didacticians deliberately avoid comparing works of written fiction and filmed fiction.

Two forms of publications will be considered. On the one hand, didactic articles are summarized which, as a rule, also include suggestions for classroom procedure. In doing so, I will concentrate on those which refer to one film exclusively because a comprehensive concept for teaching should become perceptible. On the other hand, there are also coherent studies available, in which a fully developed teaching unit (up to 15-20 lessons, i.e. lasting up to 4-5 weeks) is conceived and recommended; there are contributions by the publishing houses Cornelsen, Klett, Schöningh ... in this field. Sometimes there are also teaching models which refer to excerpts from different films. Anyone who is interested in them should consult file 7: "Miscellaneous".

What follows is meant as a didactic survey: usually, the title of the films, their director, their year of release are given, which is supplemented by a short characterization of the films' subject, some information about famous actors/actresses and above all about the methodological considerations developed by scholars and teachers who have often tried out a teaching model in one of their classes.

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